Papal Decision Number 1/2016 regarding St. Mark’s Church in Washington

From Pope Tawadros II on 3/1/2016:

Papal decision number 1/2016 with regards to St. Mark’s Church in Washington

Due to the current events in the church of St. Mark Coptic Orthodox Church in Washington, DC we have decided to form a committee consisting of:

1. H.G Anba Serapion Metropolitan of Los Angelos & Hawaii
2. H.G Anba Youssef Bishop of Southern United States
3. H.G Anba David Bishop of New York &’New England
4. H.G Anba Karas General Bishop of North America

This committee is formed to fully investigate what Father Bishoy Andrawes was accused of, and in order to have a thorough investigation, they will use the help of those they determine having to do with this matter.

Approval of the results of this investigation will be provided 40 days from this date.

We reiterate the decision of the Holy Synod regarding Atef Aziz and his group that was previously issued on Saturday, June 22, 2002 and was published in the Karaza magazine (Issue 30, Friday July 5, 2002).

Cairo March 3/1/2016

Pope Tawadros II
Pope of Alexandria



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