Interview with the Bishops

As many of you know, Bishop Serapion gave an interview with Logos TV in Arabic.  We have gotten several requests to see if we can get an interview done in English.  We are willing to help coordinate and reach out to Bishop Serapion and Bishop Youssef but thought first to reach out to our readers and see what questions they would like answered. Please comment here or email with your questions.



  1. orthodoxcopt

    Many people have said that they find the idea that a certain practice might have the wrong “spirit” to be unconvincing. The only thing that will convince them is explicitly incorrect dogma, e.g. “Holy Communion is a symbol” or “salvation in a moment”. What is Your Grace’s comment on this attitude?


  2. Tony Rezk

    What is true discipleship? What is true asceticism? Would you recommend moderation in one’s ascetical struggle? What do you think about having small groups and bible studies outside of church? What do you think of learning our faith from other Christian denominations and singing their hymns in our meetings?

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  3. Peter Mansour

    Less of a question and more of a comment if you will allow me.

    In light of these events and others, I think it is clear that we need our priests to be more theologically educated. Maybe the system of ordaining good servants to the priesthood works in Egypt, but it will not suffice in the diaspora. With thousands of protestant ideologies floating around in America, how can we expect the leaders of our congregations to “rightly handle/divide the Word of Truth” if they themselves don’t have any education on what exactly the truth is?

    Our priests are generally good, spiritual men who have a holy zeal for service, but because they have so little Orthodox education, and more importantly, so little formation in the Orthodox “mind,” they either fall prey to false teachings or use unorthodox resources in their ministry, or they just don’t get past a barebones-spirituality that doesn’t dive into the depth of Christ, the Church and the Sacraments.

    I hope that this current situation brings forth fruit in pushing for a requirement of a seminary education for all our candidates for the priesthood and diaconate. We don’t throw a person into the operating room because they “like” medicine and tell them to operate and learn along the way, nor do we tell someone to design a building because they like to look at designs all day and hope their building doesn’t fall when it is built. They go and are trained and formed as a physician and as an architect, learning facts and, more importantly, learning HOW to learn and think in their respective fields. We shouldn’t expect anything different from our priests. This, of course, does not mean that everyone who gets a seminary degree should be ordained to the priesthood because it is still a calling and a grace that God bestows, but there is no excuse or justification for the lack of education among our clergy.

    I say this all, having been educated at an Orthodox seminary myself and being so humbled by all that I found and learned here. There is SO much out there to learn from, from the patristic writings, liturgical theology and scriptural study. And I will say that the most important part of my time at the seminary wasn’t specifically “what” I learned; it was that I was taught to have the “mind of the Church” that has formed me to go on and forever be a student of Orthodoxy.

    Obviously, I don’t mean for all of this to be read to Their Graces, I more want to stir people up to see the importance of theological education. But I do hope the topic is brought up with the hierarchs and discussed during the interview. Thank you.

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